Values and Mandates


The Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs upholds the following core values:

  1. Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Dedication, Fairness and Professionalism
  2. Transparency, Accountability, Efficiency
  3. Exemplary leadership
  4. Meritocracy
  5. Teamwork
  6. People friendly


The Ministry has to accomplish the following mandates to materialize its Vision and Mission statements:

  1. The provision of professional guidance on matters relating to policy, training human resources and infrastructural development in the area of culture, local governance, disaster management, immigration and civil registration services;
  2. Develop, review and revise policies, pertaining to cultural preservation, immigration services, civil registration and census services, law and order, local governance and disaster management;
  3. Reducing crime and maintain law and order;
  4. Formulate, review, revise, Laws/Acts pertaining to the Ministry;
  5. Promote awareness on culture, disaster and decentralization amongst all levels of Bhutanese society, including dissemination of policies, strategies, acts, rules, regulations and standards through prints, audio visual and other means;
  6. Mainstream culture into the country’s development policies, plan and programmee;
  7. Promote and conduct research based on requirement;
  8. Ensure efficient administration of all the Dzongkhags;
  9. Coordinate and facilitate the implementation of the decentralization process through development of capacity of the local functionaries;
  10. Coordinate and monitor cross-sectoral issues related to immigration, local governance, culture, disaster management, law and order in the country;
  11. Ensure satisfactory customer services in the public service oriented departments;
  12. Implement the National Assembly resolutions pertaining to the Ministry;
  13. Ensure accurate registration of all the citizens and manage national population data;
  14. Control and manage immigration.