About Department


To be the organization which will encompass professionalism in immigration service delivery while ensuring that the nation remains free of illegal immigrants


  • To strengthen the Regional Immigration Offices;
  • To professionalize immigration service delivery;
  • To strengthen immigration inspection management; and
  • To improve and simplify immigration procedures


  • Check and control the entry of all foreigners into Bhutan;
  • Study, categorize and process the applications for naturalization for Bhutanese citizenship;
  • Management of Regional Immigration Offices, check posts, outpost and Airport effectively;
  • Issuance of all types of Immigration permits to foreigners visiting Bhutan;
  • Issue work permits to foreigners working in Government, international agencies and private sectors;
  • Issue of non-Bhutanese identity cards to foreigner legally married to Bhutanese and their legitimate children;
  • Vigilance and inspection of illegal immigrants;
  • Detection, detention and deportation of illegal immigrants;
  • Accord punitive action against the employers in breach or non-compliance of immigration rules and regulations through a Court of Law;
  • Maintain computerized database of all foreign nationals in the country.